The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is a non-profit national advocacy organization devoted to creating and supporting an environment where small to medium size businesses can succeed.

the Canadian federation of independent business (CFIB) supports local businesses

The CFIB is dedicated to improving conditions for business owners. To meet their mandate, the organization listens to their members, executes research about their challenges, advocates for policy change at all levels of government, and provides advice, resources, and savings for their members.

Business advocacy to all levels of government

The organization is made up of regional branches across Canada. The staff operate to better understand the local challenges for small business and potential national solutions. As a non-partisan organization, their advocacy efforts to improve public policy for the business community is based on the perspectives of their membership. 

The business advocacy of the CFIB works to ensure that each member has the opportunity to help shift the laws and policies that affect their business.

Research solutions to simplify doing business in Canada

Small business owners navigate government red tape everywhere they turn. From filling out long forms to paying taxes to excessive regulations. The CFIB conducts research in its regional branches to determine what policy change could increase efficiencies and improve competitiveness for small businesses across our nation. 

Bad policy and restrictive regulations not only waste precious time, but cost individual business owners a lot of money. Research from the CFIB is key to understanding how to best work for small businesses. For example, the CFIB has determined that red tape actually costs small businesses more per employee than large firms – so it’s something to work out.

Membership advantages for independent businesses

Members of the CFIB have access to exclusive resources, opportunities, and savings. The business resources provided by the CFIB in each of their regions include on-call counsellors, to help navigate the daily challenges of running a SME. The CFIB selected partners and service providers to deliver savings and provide business opportunities to active members.

What Is The Canadian Federation Of Independent Business?

As Canada’s largest association of small and medium-sized businesses, the CFIB is made up of 110,000 members across every industry and region. They are committed to supporting their members as thriving small businesses across Canada. CFIB’s elected Board of Governors includes members with extensive business experience and expertise from every province.

The CFIB collaborates with the CGCC

The CFIB’s mission is to see a Canada where small businesses can thrive. The Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) is a strong voice for national policies that build competitive and sustainable urban economies. Both organizations recognize the importance of positive relations between the private sector and government in pursuit of their visions.

Both the CFIB & CGCC consulted on the Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future after its inception in February 2019. The Task Force gathes research and input from policy experts, stakeholders and citizens across the country. In 2019, spokespeople from both organizations joined 100 other business leaders representing all regions and diverse sectors of the economy for a series of workshops on key challenges and policy solutions for the private sector.

In 2020, the federal government collaborated with the private sector on the POST (People Outside Safely Together) promise program, an initiative that calls on businesses to commit to public health measures. Organizations representing 100,000 businesses participated in the discussions. The CGCC and the CFIB are often at the table together to represent different voices from the business community.