Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit citizen’s group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste, and an accountable government.

Advocacy for Better Treatment of Canadian Taxpayers

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation challenges economic policy to better support the private sector. Not only does the organization protect how our tax dollars are being spent they uphold our legal rights and require government transparency. For example, Quebec Director for the federation, started a campaign in light of the building a Tampa Bay Rays stadium against taxpayers paying for a new stadium. The organization also advocates for Canadian’s beyond protecting our hard earned money. They protect our rights, like freedom of speech. The Federation raised the alarms about the Canadian government’s policy to empower bureaucrats to regulate what Canadians can see online.

The public sector needs to recognize the experience of the private sector

For many businesses and workers outside of government, the downturn didn’t begin when COVID-19 touched down. The East Coast of Canada lost industry decades ago, workers in both Alberta and rotational ones from places like Newfoundland struggled under the changes in the oil industry, and forestry on the West coast has been on the decline. Despite the economic hardships felt by Canadians, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation recognizes the injustice that there has been no downturn for the government. And challenges economic policy to better support the private sector.

Canadian Taxes Pay for increases in Public salaries Even in a Downturn

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation works from coast to coast advocating that the government do better for tax paying civilians. Especially when public sector salaries keep going up, paid for by families and businesses who are facing real hardships.

“Even though the private sector was shedding jobs by the thousands, many Alberta bureaucrats received pay raises during lockdowns, courtesy of Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer.” – Franco Terrazzano is the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Elected Officials Receive Tax Free Benefits Paid for by Canadian Taxpayers

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is concerned with taxes at all levels from urban policy in major cities to federal-level issues. At the municipal level, while those in the private sector are experiencing cutbacks, city mayors receive a tax-free allowance. This allowance makes their salaries much less noticeable for taxpayers to complain about.

Tax laws also allow them to set aside up to 30 per cent of their salary in the non-taxable allowance. Kevin Lacey, the Atlantic director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said citizens should be irked by this policy. Lacey said cities should also end the tax-free allowance and move to a more transparent system of monitoring the expenses of elected officials.

What is The Canadian Tax PAyers Federation

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit citizen’s group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste, and accountable government. The CTF is based out of Ottawa but includes regional offices across the country. Specifically, the CFT has regional offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Prairie (SK and MB), Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic. The CFT benefits from regional perspectives in their Canada-wide programs and national advocacy.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the CGCC Aligned Advocacy

The CFT and CGCC both support taxpaying Canadians and their businesses. The national advocacy organizations sit on multiple task forces and committees together representing civil society for the government. Each group approaches common challenges from different perspectives.

Several years ago, both organizations recognized there was a general lack of understanding about the energy sector as a foundational piece of Canada’s economic fabric.

According to the CFT Canadians are constantly obstructing their own energy industry – while importing oil and gas from foreign countries – and it does not make sense. In 2018, Colin Craign, the Alberta Director for the CTF, provided recommendations for the energy industry in Canada.

While the CFT directed their attention to businesses on behalf of taxpayers. The CGCC focused their attention on taxpayers on behalf of business. It became apparent that a whole understanding of the vital, and direct, relationship was missing between Canadian energy and the well-being of households and communities. In 2019, prior to the federal elections, the members of the CGCC collaborated to bring a pan-Canadian focus to Canada’s energy industry. The CGCC launched the Canadians for Natural Resources campaign. The campaign had one goal: to be a unifying voice in all regions of Canada, highlighting that we can be world leaders in both resource extraction and renewable energy.