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The Brampton Board of Trade has been serving the business community for over 130 years. Both then and now, they are the go to organization for businesses of all sectors and all sizes in Brampton.

The Brampton Board Of Trade

President & CEO

Todd Letts


The President & CEO of the Brampton Board of Trade, Todd Letts, is a seasoned chamber executive of over 20 years. He currently serves as a Vice-Chair of the ICC World Chambers Federation and director for the U.S. – based Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives. With a dedicated team, he works on the most pressing issues facing Brampton business owners locally, nationally and globally. Currently, his focus is on speedy and effective economic recovery after the negative impact on businesses after the lockdowns in Ontario. 

For example, advocacy work to reduce red tape that restricts interprovincial trade is on the agenda. Todd Letts, in collaboration with other CEOs and Presidents of Chambers and Boards of Trade from across Canada, wrote letters to the Federal Government to seek regulatory changes to improve domestic trading. Letts works with national organizations, business leaders in other regions, and his local members on how to develop national consistency in regulations. Then, advocates the findings to government as an inexpensive way  to support business recovery and stimulate economic growth.

“Removing red tape that prevents interprovincial trade is a great way for Premiers to accelerate economic recovery,” said Todd Letts, CEO of the Brampton Board of Trade. “Now is the best time for leadership that lowers costs, boosts competitiveness and attracts new investment across our country.”

Todd Letts, President and CEO

What is the Brampton Board Of Trade and what do they do?

The Brampton Board of Trade has been serving the business community for over 135 years. Both then and now, The Board is the “go to” organization for businesses of all sectors and sizes in Brampton. The organization acts as a place where the private sector convenes, collaborates and creates solutions to boost regional economic prosperity, in-person and virtually. The Board is made up of over 1900 voting members who employ over 61,000. Brampton’s top employers are members of the Board of Trade, including some of Canada’s top brands such as Rogers, CN, Stellantis, Loblaw, MDA, Dynacare, Maple Lodge Farms and more.

THe Brampton Board Of Trade Members

The majority of members represented by the Board are small businesses in the Brampton region. And, according to Brampton Board of Trade CEO Todd Letts, those Brampton businesses account for over 8% percent of the GTA’s $430 billion gross domestic product (GDP) generated in the GTA — that’s more than $34 billion.

Members of the Brampton Board of Trade work together to provide solutions to the toughest problems businesses face every day including overcoming barriers to growth, attracting and retaining talent and making the right connections.

The Brampton Board Of Trade Focus

The Board of Trade’s core focus is fostering a strong economic environment that businesses in the Brampton area can leverage to grow. In order to do that, they develop strategic partnerships and alliances to ensure the voice of the business community in Brampton is heard by all levels of government through results-driven advocacy efforts.

The key areas of focus for the Board are productivity & growth, connecting businesses, and providing solutions to the challenges they face. To support their mission the Board hosts in-person and virtual events, provides benefits to members, and works in economic development & advocacy.

The Brampton Board of Trade & The CGCC

In 2015, the Brampton Board of Trade became a founding member of the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC). Initially the CGCC was made up of the Presidents and CEOs of the seven largest urban region Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade in Canada. They came together to work collectively on the issues that big city regions in Canada face. Such challenges include infrastructure, economic, environmental, regulations, and trade. Today, there are nine members of the CGCC who represent more than half of the GDP from the private sector.

Federal issue advocacy is a fundamental part of the Board’s work and their membership on the CGCC increases the effectiveness of this work. The CEO of the Board actively participates in the Canadian Global Cities Council to represent Brampton business issues at the Federal level. Each year, represented by the Board, Brampton businesses engage with businesses from across Canada to develop policy recommendations on key economic issues. The initiatives cover subjects such as agriculture, finance and taxation, human resources, skills and immigration, indigenous and territorial, digital economy, natural resources, energy and environment, and transport and infrastructure.

As part of their inaugural membership, the Board aided in the preparation of policy playbooks to guide the Canadian Federal government in reforming policy for urban markets. For example, to support immigration and spotlight the trades, to expand access to affordable childcare, and, in terms of talent, to skill, re-skill, and up-skill.

recent initiatives

There are many ways to help our cause

Inter-provincial Trade Barriers

Canada is a trading nation. We have what the world needs. The CGCC advocates removing inter-provincial and international trade barriers that are hurting Canadian businesses.

Airport Infrastructure

The CGCC promotes national policies for competitive and sustainable urban economies. Canada’s air transport sector plays an essential role in connecting our country and growing our economy.

Urban Strategy

There is a need for investment in a national urban strategy to enable government at all levels to align with regional priorities and work with the private sector to maximize benefits for Canadians and our businesses.


To ensure that our cities continue to be the best places to live, operate and invest, the CGCC calls on all politicians to create the right conditions for the future prosperity of Canadian businesses.

The Board Of TRade Advocates For The Brampton Business Community


Every day businesses discuss the issues they face with the Board. Repeatedly the Board hears from businesses that they are over-burdened by government regulations among other challenges. The Board of Trade provides solutions-oriented impact that addresses communal challenges of the private sector while allowing their members, business owners, to keep focused on what they do best, business.



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