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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal (CCMM) acts as the voice of Greater Montréal's business community and serves to promote the prosperity of the city and its businesses.

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal


Michel Leblanc


Michel Leblanc is the current President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal (CCMM). In this capacity, he is the official spokesperson for the Montréal-based business community and is responsible for planning, managing, coordinating and monitoring all CCMM operations. As the representative for Montréal businesses, he is the CCMM’s national voice on the Canadian Global Cities Council.

“The Chamber and its members contribute to Montréal’s prosperity and, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the entire business community, the city is recognized for its economic growth and exceptional quality of life.”

Sophie Brochu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro-Québec

What is the CCMM?

The CCMM acts as the voice of Montréal’s business community and promotes the prosperity of the city and its businesses. The association came to be in 2016 after changing its name from the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal. Its legacy as one of the oldest organizations in Canada representing the voices of the business community dates back to 1822.

In 1992, after a merger between two business associations, the CCMM (at the time the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal) became the largest bilingual association of its kind. Still today, the association unites and advocates for economic, social, and cultural Montréal stakeholders in both official languages.

CCMM Initiatives

The CCMM’s initiatives are diverse, cutting across industries, business types and sizes, and languages. The CCMM also advocates for Montréal’s business community at all levels, both locally and nationally.

As Montrealers leave curfew behind and relaunch the economy after the pandemic, the CCMM has rolled out supporting initiatives. For example, strategic infrastructure projects for Greater Montréal are contributing to the transportation and logistics sector, to the green and innovative recovery of the economy and addressing the challenges to be taken up in the transport of people and goods.

“We want a green recovery,” said Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the CCMM, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

CCMM'S Impact

CCMM'S Impact

In 2019, as a member of the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC), the CCMM participated in the Canadians for Natural Resources campaign. The campaign’s mission was to bring conversations about the role energy has in our country, and what the future of energy looks like, to homes across Canada. Michel Leblanc was a key voice of this coordinated initiative.

“Canada has an opportunity to drive the world’s energy transition. Technology and innovation are amongst our country’s strengths. They are powerful tools that must be leveraged to build a long-term strategy for our natural resources while maintaining our ability to sell our resources at world prices. Today’s decisions will impact Canada’s ability to become a clean energy leader for decades to come. With our expertise, entrepreneurial culture and industrial network, we have all the assets required to take the lead.” – Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of, at the time, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal.


recent initiatives

There are many ways to help our cause

Inter-provincial Trade Barriers

Canada is a trading nation. We have what the world needs. The CGCC advocates removing inter-provincial and international trade barriers that are hurting Canadian businesses.

Airport Infrastructure

The CGCC promotes national policies for competitive and sustainable urban economies. Canada’s air transport sector plays an essential role in connecting our country and growing our economy.

Urban Strategy

There is a need for investment in a national urban strategy to enable government at all levels to align with regional priorities and work with the private sector to maximize benefits for Canadians and our businesses.


To ensure that our cities continue to be the best places to live, operate and invest, the CGCC calls on all politicians to create the right conditions for the future prosperity of Canadian businesses.

CCMM's priority is metropolitan Montréal

Over their many years of work it’s clear that the CCMM determines their priorities by by listening to their members, those that work and own businesses in Metropolitan Montréal. In a 2019 roundtable discussion in Montréal, a participant said: “The demographic situation is a real problem. Populations are declining everywhere in Quebec. Without immigration, even Montréal will shrink.” In 2021, the tech industry tipped their hats to the CCMM for collaborating with the provincial government to develop an initiative that will help game studios hire immigrant professionals in Montréal.

The organizations includes affiliate and on-going programs such as the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montréal. In 2021, as many attempt to return to work, the Young Chamber hosted a virtual career summit for youth in the Montréal area. The focus was on developing soft skills. The Young CCMM recognizes talent early and awards an individual the Desjardins Prize from their Young Entrepreneurs Network.


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