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The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce unites and provides services to the Edmonton region business community and advocates for policies which reflect the interests of its business sector.

Edmonton Chamber Of Commerce

Presesident & CEO

Jeffrey Sundquist


President and Chief Executive Officer of the ECC, Jeffrey Sundquist brings unparalleled expertise to the members, having worked in senior executive levels in both private and public sectors. Prior to working with the ECC, Jeffrey was a former senior diplomat appointed to the High Commission of Canada in London as representative to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for trade and investment and the European Union. In this role, he represented the trade and policy interests for the Province of Alberta.

“During these challenging times, now more than ever, a strong Chamber is essential to the business community and the Edmonton Region, and I look very forward to taking on this important role.”

Jeffrey Sundquist, President and CEO of Edmonton Chamber

What is the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and what do they do?

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce unites members of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region business community and advocates for policies which reflect the interests of its business sector. Policies which support the competitiveness, educational opportunities, network connectivity and social responsibility of Edmonton’s unique private sector.

A network of businesses, key decision-makers, and community leaders comprise the foundational beliefs and interests of the ECC. More simply put, the ECC is dedicated to the success of Edmonton’s business community and broader municipal society.

ECC's Impact

In alliance with nine other Chambers of commerce and Boards of Trade from Canadian cities, the ECC works through the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) to align policy interests for national reach and overcome common interprovincial economic hurdles. Bringing together over 30 different sectors and industries, the ECC represents the collective interests of energy, manufacturing, commercial, and non-profits which make up Edmonton’s one-a-kind municipality.

The President & CEO of the Chamber works with the representatives of the other CGCC members to promote national policies with a view for economic growth, increased competitiveness, and sustainable urban economies.  As an example check out the advocacy efforts of the ECC in support of Canada’s air-travel industry.

The Edmonton Chamber's involvement in the Canadian Global Cities Council

By working interprovincially and agreeing on federal initiatives, the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) seeks to work with chambers of commerce such as the ECC to build competitive and sustainable urban economies. By bolstering efficient trade and movement of goods, people, energy, and information across Canada, urban economies such as Edmonton can benefit from interprovincial economic policy. 

Through consensus in the CGCC, nine of Canada’s largest urban Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade have identified policy and investment priorities that aim to create a healthy and growing Canadian economy. Simply put, the objective of the CGCC is to make Canadian urban centres an attractive place to invest, own a business, and live well. At the time the CGCC was created by coalition, Janet M. Riopel was the President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

recent initiatives

There are many ways to help our cause

Inter-provincial Trade Barriers

Canada is a trading nation. We have what the world needs. The CGCC advocates removing inter-provincial and international trade barriers that are hurting Canadian businesses.

Airport Infrastructure

The CGCC promotes national policies for competitive and sustainable urban economies. Canada’s air transport sector plays an essential role in connecting our country and growing our economy.

Urban Strategy

There is a need for investment in a national urban strategy to enable government at all levels to align with regional priorities and work with the private sector to maximize benefits for Canadians and our businesses.


To ensure that our cities continue to be the best places to live, operate and invest, the CGCC calls on all politicians to create the right conditions for the future prosperity of Canadian businesses.

ECC History & Impact

Throughout its 132 year history, the ECC has supported foundational projects that have shaped Edmonton’s city identity and values. One of the chamber’s first accomplishments was the development of the rail line in 1891, connecting the city to the rest of Canada and fostering Edmonton’s reputation as a commerce hub in Canada. Throughout the 20th century the ECC helped to develop key infrastructure projects, such as the development of water and sewage facilities, various other public infrastructure projects, and the creation of public schools to foster a future generation of community leaders. 

After 132 years, the ECC continues to work to create the best environment for business and provide support to meaningful public infrastructure projects. From policy advocacy to educational and networking events to panel discussions, the Edmonton Chamber is committed to enhancing the business opportunities to its members.

Supporting Edmonton Businesses During the Pandemic

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce works with key actors within Edmonton’s business community members to influence government and policies on a municipal, provincial, and federal level to foster a stronger business environment. Getting products to new markets, attracting top talent and capital, and whatever else a business requires to grow, is the primary objective of the ECC when interacting with government.

In 2021, the Edmonton Chamber worked with the Calgarian Chamber of Commerce to create a comprehensive guide of policies for the Canadian federal government regarding economic recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.

Their policy strategy and recommendations is focused on five main arenas.

  • Economic recovery and diversification
  • Job, skills, and talent
  • Climate change
  • Finance and taxation
  • Trade and market access.

The overarching strategy for these policy recommendations are in aim of three primary economic outcomes:

  1. Providing certainty and stability for businesses and those that they serve and employ.
  2. Facilitating inclusive growth and expanding the provincial economy by bringing more equity-seeking groups to the table.
  3. Encouraging collaboration between all orders of government as well as strategically leveraging the tools and resources at each level of government to support our economy.

The overarching strategy for these policy recommendations are in aim of three primary economic outcomes:


Canadian Global Cities Council is the voice of more than half of Canada's business owners. Our views are well-researched and analyzed, sought after and respected by government, business leaders and the media.

ECC MEmber Services, NEtworks, And Other Benefits

Whether taking the lead or supporting joint projects with other business advocacy groups, the ECC does whatever it can to support an inclusive and supportive business community at every turn. The ECC hosts a diverse range of events suited for regional businesses every month. From local, national and international leaders, events planned by the ECC aim to prepare businesses with the tools necessary to improve capacity and scale while expanding each member’s network. By working together, Edmonton’s private sector can flourish together.

Weekly events are aimed specifically to improve business acumen among businesses and build stronger ties within the Edmonton business community. From networking events to panel discussions to webinar series to educational sessions, members benefit by growing their network while also building essential business knowledge and take-away skills.