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Non-partisan and not-for-profit, the HCC is a membership-based organization dedicated to the success of Halifax’s burgeoning business community.

Halifax Chamber Of Commerce

President & CEO

Patrick Sullivan


Patrick Sullivan is one of nine CEOs that sit on the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC). President and Chief Executive Officer of the HCC, Patrick Sullivan is a longstanding champion and contributor to Halifax’s unique private sector, having worked in both start-ups and large organizations.

On the CGCC, Patrick serves as a spokesperson for improving infrastructure for and reducing barriers to trade between provinces. The Halifax Chamber of Commerce, as a member of the CGCC, supported Canadian business leaders call to Government to reduce barriers on interprovincial trade that harm urban centres. Including, a policy directive that will speed up the country’s economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and what do they do?

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce (HCC) is a network of businesses, key decision-makers, and community leaders dedicated to the success of Halifax’s burgeoning business community.
Non-partisan and not-for-profit, the HCC is a membership-based organization that advocates for business interests and economic policy initiatives by working with all levels of government. In addition, the HCC also helps connect local businesses with one another and provides services to build effective strategies and improve influence on policy makers.

1,700 Member Businesses

Uniting over 1,700 local businesses and 65,000 employees, the HCC creates a platform for local business interests to be heard by government decision-makers and help to shape private sector policy. Founded by local businesses to improve commerce conditions, the HCC continues to make Halifax a growing hub for all types of business and trade.

Whatever is needed to boost productivity, save money and help achieve business goals, the HCC provides a variety of services to help businesses operating in Halifax along the way. Educational, networking, advocacy, inter-provincial collaboration, and B2B events hosted by the HCC focus on key skills and topics to grow business fundamentals and connect businesses with one another.


Locally, the HCC works with members to influence government and policies on a municipal, provincial, and federal level to help improve Halifax’s business environment. Getting products to new markets, attracting top talent and capital, and whatever else a business requires to grow, is the primary objective of the HCC when interacting with government.

By bringing attention to high personal and commercial taxes, the growing barricade of red tape regulation, and government cost reduction, the HCC seeks to foster growth through holistic policy measures. Whether taking the lead or supporting joint projects with other business advocacy groups, the HCC does whatever it can to support an inclusive and supportive business community at every turn.


By working inter-provincially and agreeing on federal initiatives, the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) seeks to work with chambers of commerce such as the HCC to build competitive and sustainable urban economies. By bolstering efficient trade and movement of goods, people, energy, and information across Canada, urban economies such as Halifax can benefit from interprovincial economic policy. 

Through the consensus building of the CGCC, nine of Canada’s largest urban Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade have identified policy and investment priorities that aim to create a healthy and growing Canadian economy. Simply put, the objective of the CGCC is to make Canadian urban centres like Halifax an attractive place to invest, own a business, and live well.

Our Chamber Of CommerceS & CGCC Initiatives

There are many ways to help our cause

Inter-provincial Trade Barriers

The CGCC launched a social media video series Thursday highlighting the barriers provinces face on the interprovincial trade of domestic products.

Airport Infrastructure

The Collective Chamber Of Commerces and the Canadian Global Cities Council promotes national air transport policies to sustain and grow competitive economies.

Urban Strategy

National advisors are required in each of our urban centres. This investment in an urban strategy will enable us to educate and work with business to create maximum trade benefit for Canadian companies.

The Canadian Global Cities Council help invest in our urban strategy and growth.

CGCC Business Advocacy

To ensure Canada and its metropolitan areas continue to be the best places to live, operate and invest. We call on campaigning parties to advocate for our growth plans.

The CGCC not only represents chamber of commerces, but also the businesses that are a part of your local chambers.


An example of the HCC’s advocacy occurred in July 2021, when the chair of the HCC spoke directly to Nova Scotia's Premier Lain Rankin about the many ways the government’s budget was insufficient in aiding businesses in Halifax. The goal of the HCC was to highlight the failure of the provincial government in aiding businesses that had been devastated financially by the pandemic.​

Supporting Halifax Businesses During the Pandemic

Over the course of the pandemic small business owners have taken on growing debts during a series of lockdowns, devastating business continuity and forcing unexpected closures. In March 2021, the HCC set up the Nova Scotia Business & Labour economic Coalition (NSBLEC). A coalition of businesses, not-for-profits, and interest groups, representing over 10,000 organizations and 200,000 employees. The NSBLEC provides government a means to consult with businesses on rapid decisions that directly affect Nova Scotians.

Through the coalition, businesses and employees based in Nova Scotia can be heard, supported, and assisted effectively through the development recovery plan. The Halifax Chamber of Commerce seeks to support businesses as they navigate the public health guidelines and make use of support funds at all levels of government. Now more than ever it is paramount for Canadian businesses to stay connected and support one another.


Canadian Global Cities Council is the voice of more than half of Canada's business owners. Our views are well-researched and analyzed, sought after and respected by government, business leaders and the media.