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The Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) is a coalition of CEOs of nine of Canada’s largest urban Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade. The coalition was founded in 2015 to advocate for the needs of businesses in Canada's major cities from coast-to-coast. Representing 52 per cent of Canada's GDP and more than half of the country's population, CGCC is a voice for the urban private sector on international and pan-Canadian issues.

Members Of The Canadian Global Cities Council

Together, we influence governments at all levels on measures that help your business enter new markets, attract top talent, and acquire the capital you need to thrive. 

Let’s make it easy to do business in Canada.

What do we, the Canadian Global Cities Council, do?

The CGCC advocates to improve national policies, to build competitive and sustainable urban economies. The Chambers and Boards of Trade collaborate as the CGCC to influence international and domestic policy in your favour.

Current Initiatives of the Global Cities Council

There are many ways to help our cause

Inter-provincial Trade Barriers

Canada is a trading nation. We have what the world needs.
The CGCC advocates to remove inter-provincial and international trade barriers that are hurting Canadian businesses.

Airport Infrastructure

The CGCC promotes national policies for competitive and sustainable urban economies. Canada’s air transport sector plays an essential role in connecting our country and growing our economy.

Urban Strategy

There is a need for investment in a national urban strategy to enable government at all levels to align with regional priorities and work with the private sector to maximize benefits for Canadians and our businesses.

Agenda For Growth

To ensure that our cities continue to be the best places to live, operate and invest, the CGCC call on the government to create the right conditions for the future prosperity of Canadian businesses.


We are the voice of more than half of Canada's business owners. Our advocacy efforts are representative, well-researched and analyzed, and sought after and respected by government, business leaders and the media. Get in touch to learn more.